Have you started to feel sluggish? Does it feel impossible to find all the right foods you should be eating, but you are tired of making excuses?

Do you wish there was some kind of button you could press to restart it all?

It may not be a magic solution, but detoxification empowers you to reset your health! When choosing a detox diet, you can help facilitate choices to encourage your body systems to work together to push out harmful toxins.

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What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a method to encourage your body to be in optimal shape and function by flushing out toxins. While your body already has a natural detox system, this lifestyle shift can help set the process in motion to refresh your health. Choosing a detox diet may help boost energy, increase motivation, and help you feel better overall!

What Could I Expect from a Detox Diet?

Detoxification does not need to be a dramatic crash course, nor does it need to require fasting or an intense colon cleanse. While a detox will look different for everyone, there are a few key changes that are recommended for everyone.

The basics of a detox diet include:

  • Choosing naturally detoxing foods
  • Cutting out heavily processed or refined foods
  • Cutting out inflammatory foods
  • Restoring the Gut’s natural microbiome
  • Daily exercise for the mind and body
  • Getting at least eight hours of sleep each night
  • Managing and minimizing stress
  • Removing processed meats
  • Using natural healing herbs or spices
  • All natural plant based supplementation

A detox typically involves a specific plan to reset your system, many of these choices may be easily adaptable over time. However, it is important to have realistic goals and expectations for detoxification, and results will vary for each person.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Most relatively healthy adults who are looking for a way to make a positive change in their overall health may benefit from detoxification. This is not intended to be a long term solution, but some factors may be suitable to be applied as lifestyle changes.

A consultation with Dr. King in Naples can help determine if a detox is a good choice for you and your goals. He can also make the proper recommendations for your specific eating strategy. Having a medical doctor guide you in this process is imperative making changes to your health.

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