Mini-Course: Inflammation - The “Silent” Trigger For Most Chronic Disease

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How Inflammation Undermines
The Body & Fast-Tracks Chronic Illnesses

  • Did you know that inflammation is the culprit behind at least 8 of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States today?
  • Inflammation is also involved in symptoms and conditions such as chronic fatigue, diabetes, insomnia, brain fog, high blood pressure, autoimmunity, weight gain, chronic digestive issues, rashes and joint pain.
  • So how harmful is chronic Inflammation...and how can you correct the underlying problem naturally (without expensive drugs or side effects)?

Join Dr. Linell King MD for his free educational Mini-course!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels…

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Transformational Insights

Discover how to recognize the “not so obvious” signs for chronic inflammation and how to address chronic wellness issues without expensive medications or side effects. Join us & learn how to battle inflammation!

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Use the “Getting Your Health Back On Track Guide” as a companion to the mini-course. Rather than giving you bandaid solutions, this guide will help your start meditating about the real health topics you should be thinking about.

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After you’ve watched the transformative video series, you’ll be excited to dive deeper into my masterclass so you can get started on your path to feeling your best self and unlock an approach to resolve your wellness issues for good!

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For those that want to get more specific answers to your chronic health hurdles, apply for a free call with our team to discuss best next steps on your health recovery. Plus, we can discuss what our process looks like.

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Dr. Linell King, MD

Dr. Linell King’s personal mission is to improve the lives of others; eliminate suffering, and help others to reclaim their optimal vitality and health independence. He is committed to educating and empowering those around him through his role as a physician, teacher, author, and mentor.

Traditionally trained as an internist, Dr. King earned his doctoral degree at the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine in 1997. He completed his internal medicine residency with Johns Hopkins/Sinai Hospital of Baltimore in 2000. His early career was spent working as a hospitalist, later moving on to create multiple hospitalist groups in Naples, Key West, Venice, and Tampa, FL. He worked as a Medical Director/Internal Medicine Hospitalist in various locations, eventually establishing Ultimate Vitality Partners, as a concierge outpatient physician, in 2012.

Dissatisfied with the current state of healthcare in America; devastated by the effects of common, yet fatal disease within his own family, Dr. King knew that he had to learn and do more. He searched for ways to bring people the knowledge and tools that could help them create and maintain greater overall health and less dependence on an outdated healthcare model.

He wanted to help others uncover the real causes of their health challenges, rather than endlessly treating and managing symptoms. He pursued further education in Functional and Integrative Medicine, to learn more about how nutrition, lifestyle factors, and treating the whole person could radically improve their immediate and long term health and quality of life. Dr. King is the author of “Mastering Vitality,” and has spoken locally and internationally about utilizing combined methods of traditional and holistic modalities to safely create optimal health and wellbeing. He founded Naples Vitality in order to improve healthcare in the community and the world at large.